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The following information is on our server to have no doubt:

Becomes the owner of Palankus (dazz) and his team of admins .With this new server with new enhancements to achieve an excellent game and enjoy without any problem whatsoever, achieving more fun and getting fewer complaints.

New weapons: "golden and not brown arms" with excellent damage to kill with only 2 shots in the head zombie.

New classes of zombie: rapton and tired of the zombie jump, we bring 3 kinds of new zm ..

VIP Free: Srw Now Free VIP  its just From 00:11

Mod nemesis and survivor, these modes are always the same but they are achieving improved faster for both nemesi and survivor and can achieve kill everyone.

Laser Mine: The Laser Mine Achieving More And More Lasting Damge Is Improved .

Ammos pack: Now srw Have fast Ammo u can say /get to get 300 AP Evry 12H Say /free For 1500 AP Evry 45H Say /ltto For Reandom Prize Etj..The system will give you ammos to be in the game to be playing 10 min  40 AP, being 15 min 90 AP, and be 20 Min 150 AP. and also writing /sp (Points Menu) With That U  Can get 150 Flags For 20 Points , 300 Flags For 40 Points , 200 Armor For 60 Points

Server Uses Auto Save Bank , Bank Has No Command And Ammo Packs Are Always Available

Jetpack + Bazooka, is only For Vip Players [JP+Bazz Can't Drop Now]

Pmodmenu: Writing That You Can Buy Speed, Gravity, Invisibility, And much more.

Now you got various information of all you have the server.



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