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Buxna-[ZM] Palankus[FreeVIP|LM|ASBank|Bazz+JP]


Server Rules [ Updated 3/6/16 ]

- Admin must Spec 5-10 Min every map , to check players if Hackers or else
- Limit for starting mods is 5 daily for Every admin , Break It and Get removed ur access
- Limit for Turnning Into classes 2 Times break It and Get access removed , DON'T TURN A    PLAYER MORE THAN 1 TIME DAILY
- Admins should respawn only in Multi - infection mods
- Give the Assassin a Chance to find the snipers in Assassin Vs sniper mod [30 Sec ]
- each 30 sec check score board and see whos is dead Respawn him in [Infection mods only]
- Slay Survivor and sniper if they fly in any mod
- Admin that break Any of these Rules Will be Removed
- Never kick The Bots
- Kick Afk players from [12:00 > 20:00]
- Don't use amx commands on any player without reason
- If a player use lm in mod slap him 3 times each 5 sec then slay With wornning Between each    slap
- Using Thanatos + hammer will result in Kick ! Then Ban 2 hours !


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